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Friday, October 27, 2006

my self-made bookmarks (the only one in the world)

my self-made bookmarks



tried one hour, can not post any pictures today. :(

Thursday, October 19, 2006

D1-D3 Free speech movement bookmarks


B1-B5 from left to right

A1-A5 from top to bottom

above bookmarks for exchange

bookstore L

bookstore K

bookstore J

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

bookstore I

bookstore H
bookstore H
bookstore H

bookstore G

bookstore F

bookstore E

To my bookmark collector friends:

being a lifetime booklover, I find that the people who love books and reading are nicer people. After visited many bookstore, I found that I got hundreds bookmarks already, and most of them are so pretty.

However, there are little resources for collectors like us, so I decided to do it myself to get us together.

I would like to trade with other collectors in different countries and regions. I like the bookmarks which has bookstore name, library and travel place. Since I start this hobby in 2002, any nice looking bookmarks are pretty fun to collect for me.

Enjoy reading, and enjoy collecting bookmarks which cost you almost nothing. At the same time, know the nicer people; there isn't any thing better than this in the world to me!

Feel free to email me at:, let’s exchange the double bookmarks which we have!

Ps: I will upload my double bookmarks later

bookstore D

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Bookstore C

Bookstore Bookmarks A